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This type of incident can occur when valves are caught on something that breaks them. To remove the valve requires about 54 kg of force at the base or quite a lot of leverage, and they are well protected between the spokes. It could also have happened that the inner tube pressure was lost due to inner tube failure, external puncture or against the spokes or the rim itself.

Another possibility is that the assembly may have been displaced due to low internal pressure and/or displacement upon impact with a lack of lubricating gel. Whether or not this occurs on the first exit is a matter of probabilities and/or having carried out the assembly with recommendations from the product’s assembly instructions.

The camera works the same when the bike is stopped as when it is running, as it is always under pressure. Failure while the bike is running is the least likely since motorcycles spend most of their time stationary.


If your NomOusse Pro has suffered a breakage and it is within the first month of purchase, our one-time warranty covers either repair or replacement.

We need you to send us a copy of the purchase invoice and prepare the complete kit of the clean product, in a bag, to send to SEUR to pick it up. Please contact us to give you all the information and to arrange for the collection of the product at your home.


Our current camera manufacturer is from Taiwan, of the highest guarantee. They in turn source valves (threaded stem + nut + washer + rubber base) from manufacturers who make series of millions of valves. We also try to detach the threaded rod from its rubber base and you have to pull very hard with a pliers to get the vulcanized part off (it is not glued).

This does not mean that a camera cannot have a defect, but it would be detected at the beginning and we are the only brand in this sector with such a wide warranty. Send us a photo of the problem you have had by email so that we can attend to your request in a personalized way through our technical team.

By following the assembly instructions, tips on how to prevent this type of damage are detailed. It must be taken into account that, although the chamber is robust (1.8 mm thick), the materials are as strong as they are and the available space does not allow for larger valves.


The first thing to do is to check if you have followed the detailed assembly instructions on our website, which can be accessed through the link in the footer.

The outside of the NomOusse seals by pressure against the inside of the offroad which is not smooth on the inside. For a good seal, it is important to check that the inner part of the offroad that will make contact with the NomOusse is free of dirt and other foreign matter. In addition, it is necessary to put 150 cc of gel (Slime type, even thick bath gel) by removing the offroad inflation core. This gel serves to close the small pores in the contact area and to lubricate offroad impacts against the NomOusse. If you are going to disassemble it, you can check the valve area for leaks.

If, despite the above, your NomOusse still does not seal properly, please contact our technical team so that we can check it and, in the event of an incident, repair or replace it. In the event of product failure, shipping costs will not be charged to the user.


NomOusse pro, due to its robustness and the way it works, is not affected by speed. In addition, as it has no metal parts, it does not produce imbalance in the wheel.We must, however, inform you that it is not approved for road use, so this is at the user’s discretion.

For 18″ diameter rims we have a NomOusse Pro for enduro and 2.15″ wide rims and 2.50″ wide trail rims. You would have to look on your rim to see how wide it is (it is usually stamped on the rim).

Our system can be used to tubeless spoke rims and to act as an emergency wheel support in case of air loss in the offroad tire. It allows you to ride in the field at low pressures, gain traction and have good tire protection. On the other hand, frequent use at low pressures -about 0.4 bar or less- can eventually loosen the internal meshes of some offroaders. This is not a disadvantage for enduro use but must be taken into account for road use.

Our advice for mixed use is not to abuse low pressures and to use more pressure for sustained high speeds. The pressure of the outer tire does not affect the NomOusse but you must take into account that the sealing is made by the pressure difference between the inner and the outer tire and it is advisable that this difference is not less than 4 bar.

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