Still using inner tube unable to lower pressure or mousse, unable to adjust hardness?


Off-road tubeless system designed by engineers and enduro riders. Solve the tube pinch and get the best grip and rim protection with NomOusse pro, the most evolved tubeless with unique guarantee.

About NomOusse

Tubeless off-road solution

System composed of a small tire and its tube, which are fitted on the rim, inside the off-road tire. NomOusse fulfils three functions:

  • 1-Sealing: The outside of the NomOusse, inflated at 4 to 6 bar, seals against the inside of the off-road tire, generating an air chamber for the off-road. This chamber is watertight to the rim and can be inflated to the pressure that the user requires.
  • 2-Locks: The inner NomOusse tire, inflated between 4 to 6 bar, produces a force of 1500 kg against the inside of the off-road tire and locks it to the rim, avoiding any displacement.
  • 3 –Protection: NomOusse, in addition, exceeds by 3 cm the rim. It is the only tubeless system on the market that provides an efficient rim protection against impacts and acts as emergency rolling support, even in flat conditions.

What is Tubeless for enduro?

In the past, all wheels were made of spokes and all tires had a tube. 

Later arrived the solid sheet metal rims and the tubeless tires. 

These have a smooth edge that seals against the rim, with the help of mounting paste. Its use has been adopted for its simplified assembly and being safer. On off-road motorcycles, the use of tubeless tires collides with two drawbacks:

1-The impacts against stones and the sport usage require the use of light and very resistant wheels. This is only provided by spoke rims.

2-Tire locking. To ensure grip, one needs tire pressures between 0.8 and 0.3 that do not ensure the tire is locked to the rim.

Both issues 1) and 2) enforce the use of tubes and rim locks as the usual option.

Off Road Tubeless System


Being tubeless, there is no chance for pinching the inner tube. This allows to ride with less pressure in the tire. Less pressure means more contact surface and less wear. A flat tire is easily repaired with a tubeless repair kit. The rim lock has been removed, being this the weakest point of other systems. In 2,000 miles, the wheel spins around 1 million times and the chances of hitting the rim lock and breaking it are higher.

0.55 lbs. weight reduction compared to a reinforced tube + rim lock, 0.31 lbs. if the tube is standard. Compared to Mousse + rim lock, weight reduction is around 1.9 lbs. in 18” wheels. Moreover, being this load reduction at end of the swingarm, it results in a considerable improvement of the suspension performance.  

Tire surface can easily bend to better adapt to the terrain. Maximum adaptation. The “touch” improves over the use of an inner tube, even higher when compared to Mousses. 

The lower pressure (1), lightness (2) and flexibility (3) result in a very remarkable grip increase. Also in less rebounds and more ride comfort. Pressure is adjusted to your needs.

The nomOusse system is simple and its price is lower than Mousse or other systems. It is reusable many times without degradation, and it increases the lifespan of the tire.

Between rim and off-road tire there are no other elements than the nomOusse and its inner tube. Nothing hinders the perfect fit. The fastening of the tire to the rim is safe and tight all over the wheel, even from 29 psi pressure -60 to 90 psi -4 to 6 bar is recommended-. As a reference, trail motorbikes run at 1.7 bar without rim lock, despite having much more weight and torque. Even with zero pressure in the off-road tire, rolling is continuous, nomOusse works as emergency rolling support. Typical bounces when a standard tire is pinched do not occur and the rim is not damaged.

Rim lock hole is used for the second valve. In addition, rim is kept clean and mud-free inside, thanks to the perfect sealing against the tire.

Wheel grips more and scratches less. nomOusse Reduces the amount of rubber, and it is Reusable and Recyclable -the three R’s of ecology-.

nomOusse firmly fastens the tire preventing it from displacing inside the rim, and thus preventing rim abrasion produced by dust or mud (with the typical color of aluminium powder). In addition, nomOusse protrudes 1,2 in – 3 cm- over the rim edges all around, thanks to the absence of a rim lock, absorbing shocks against steps or sharp edges, protecting the rim and the inflation valve from being hit. Spokes nuts are kept fastened longer.

Enduro offroad motorcycles using NomOusse Tubeless

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